Created from a Vision is a non-profit organization created from a vision. This vision was to make the world a better place in which to live.

MedAwareness Founder and President Elizabeth Roemer spent a substantial amount of her childhood in Mexico visiting orphanages alongside her mother, who was aiding socially and economically disadvantaged children in border communities. Tragically, Elizabeth lost a close family member due to the lack of a common vaccine, and has since worked tirelessly to provide vaccines and medicines to those in need. As a parent, Elizabeth feels passionately about a child’s right to a healthy start in life regardless of his or her economic circumstances.

Growing Worries about Medical Refrigeration

needlehealthcare_170x170Adding to the problem of vaccines’ availability is the issue of mishandled medical product. Unapproved or improper medical cold-chain protocol accounts for the majority of expired, unused, and spoiled immunization doses in the United States. The stability of all vaccines relies on a refrigerated upkeep, from production to inoculation. Unfortunately, the cold chain is not always maintained properly, resulting in compromised medical materials.

For example, the Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) June 2012 study on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program raised serious concerns about vaccine storage and handling. The study cited vaccine wastage and rendered futility caused by improper refrigeration and storage, highlighted the risks of administering ineffective vaccines to children, and indicated that CDC’s efforts to deliver the highest quality vaccines may be in vain if immunizers fail to properly maintain the cold chain.

MedAwareness: Providing Solutions and Engaging in Global Community Service

continents_460xMedAwareness strives to address health issues of service availability, education, and community outreach with an unparalleled dedication to viability. Our organization adheres to the highest standard of regulatory compliance in order to reduce waste. Our medical grade storage and transportation systems safeguard medical articles during their most vulnerable time: at clinical storage, during transit, at off-site immunizations and during power outages. Finally, we intend to carry our vision of making the world a better place by providing medical refrigerators/freezers to economically disadvantaged areas of the world.

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Sia Mean is an EPA certified refrigeration technician, foreman, and part-time physicist at Roemer Industries, Inc. For the past decade, Sia has worked closely with numerous health departments, with technical support, refrigeration application consultation, and has spent enormous time applying new technologies to streamline the growing complexity in medical cold-chain compliance. During his free time Sia likes to tinker with computers, learn new fabrication skills, and tell fish tales. Our other bloggers are Michael Berling, Anna Maske and Domenique Contreras. You can find their bios at the top of any articles they write.